Grant Programs

Cash Grants are available to qualified engineering organizations engaged in developing hardware applicable to Manned Lunar station buildup. The most important design prerequisites are simplicity, low-weight, and low-cost. The areas of interest include the following:

Low-cost Unmanned Lunar Orbiters: Orbiters must have ability to carry out selenographical investigations of possible Lunar Station sites. Orbiter systems must Include radar imaging, video, and Earth-Moon telemetry equipment. The design should allow the integration of orbital entry and maneuvering rockets. The maximum weight will not exceed 400 pounds.

Low-Cost Lunar Surface Sampling Probes: These include miniature Lunar Surface Penetraters with the capability of analyzing candidate Lunar Station sites for water and telemetering the results. All novel low-cost lightweight concepts for surface water exploration will be considered. If within the weight tolerances, this mission may be included as part of a Lunar orbiter mission.

Lunar Surface Sample and Return Probe: Hardware capable of autonomously landing a Lunar surface sampling probe and having the capability of returning the sample safely to Earth is under development. Grants to build the various systems will be awarded. These systems include a mechanical sampler, mission software, guidance and navigation, and telemetry. 

Oxygen Extraction Equipment: This includes efficient ways of extracting oxygen from Lunar regolith and the processing of Lunar ice for water and its breakdown into oxygen and hydrogen. Such equipment should also have the capability of liquefying the gases for storage and for use as rocket propellants.

Lunar Fuel Production Equipment: This includes equipment for the production of liquid silane using Lunar oxygen and hydrogen. The equipment could use recoverable raw materials from earth (such as hydrochloric acid) but should use mostly Lunar indigenous materials. Other fuel concepts will also be considered.

Lunar Station Life Support Hardware: This includes metal habitat canister designs, inflatable habitats, life-support equipment (ex: two gas Oxygen/Nitrogen at 5 psi) with temperature control.

Robotic Arm and Leg Hardware: A robotic arm with an articulate hand is required. It should include a simple control unit such as a virtual reality glove. The robotic legs should be able to carry and maintain the balance of a cylindrical cylinder.

Space Suit Life Support Backpack: Low-cost

Portable Gas Liquifaction units: Includes the liquefaction of oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen

Plant Research: Identifying plants that generate large quantities of oxygen and use low quantities of carbon dioxide and at the same time produce large quantities of protein. Cultivating these plants in minimal environments with minimal light for the production of plant food and oxygen.

Plant Processing Equipment: For the production of edible food from high protein producing plants. Includes textured vegetable protein and processed products such as tofu.

Portable Lunar Excavation Equipment: Equipment similar to a Bobcat bulldozer or other ideas will be considered. The equipment must weigh less the 7,000 pounds. It could be hollow and be filled with lunar material to increase its mass once it is on the surface of the moon. Lightweight crane ideas will also be considered.

The grants will be given for a deliverable piece of hardware. They are not study grants. Companies or individuals who have development concepts in the required areas are requested to submit their proposals. There are no proposal deadlines. All proposals will be considered. If you would like to submit a proposal, click here.

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