Raffle Announcement: Orbital Vacation

Welcome to the "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle"! A drawing will be made when 20,000 raffle tickets have been sold. Each ticket costs $50.00. One winner will be chosen per raffle. This gives the purchaser a 1 in 20,000 chance of winning a trip into space. When spaceflights begin, each winning ticket will be worth $2 million! The raffle is ongoing, that is, once a drawing is made and a space tourist has been chosen, a new raffle will be started.  "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" tickets can only be ordered online or through the mail. Trans Lunar Raffles are legal raffles*, registered in the State of California. All eligible raffle participants must abide by the official raffle rules.

Each "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" entrant will receive a collectable special limited edition raffle ticket stub with a unique Trans Lunar Research graphic.

The first "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" tickets have been sold! For details, click here!


Raffle tickets are only available by mail. Please send your mail-in raffle ticket orders to the following address:

Trans Lunar Research
P.O. Box 661
Mojave, California 93502-0661

Please include the following:

Your name

Indicate that your are entering the Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle.

Your credit card number and expiration date if you wish to pay by credit card

Your check or money order if you wish to use this payment method

Your full billing address, including street, city, state, zip, and country

Your telephone number so we can contact you if you win

Once your transaction has been processed, you will receive your raffle ticket stubs by snail mail. And don't forget, your donation is tax deductible!

FAQ's about Orbital Vacations

How much are the "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" tickets: $50 each.

Are Trans Lunar Raffle tickets tax deductible? Yes. Trans Lunar Research is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation. The money you pay for a raffle ticket is considered a donation. If you have any questions, consult your tax advisor.

How many raffle tickets will be sold before a drawing is made? 20,000.

How long before a drawing is made? As soon as 20,000 raffle tickets are sold, the drawing will be made. 

How do I get into Earth orbit? The two-stage manned version of the Neptune 4000 rocket  is now in development and will be made available upon certification for orbital tourism operations. We expect the vehicle will be ready before the end of 2008. It will be capable of placing two astronaut pilots and four astronaut tourists into low-earth-orbit (LEO) for a period of seven days. Its novel habitable orbiter stage (HOS) will provide a spacious living area while in orbit. 

Where will the launches take place?  Since the Neptune 4000 rocket is amphibious, all launch and landing operations will take place either from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of California or from and around an island in the South Pacific. As soon as navigation through bureaucratic and diplomatic "red tape" is complete, we expect to begin construction of an island spaceport and space tourism resort.

If I win, do I have to undergo a medical examination before I am awarded the prize? Yes! One hundred tickets will be drawn at the time of the drawing. The first winner who is medically qualified to travel into earth orbit will be awarded the prize. The rest of the persons on the winners list will be referred to as "backup winners". All winners will be notified after the drawing is made and given their winner's position.

Where will the medical tests be held? The Trans Lunar Research medical team will carry out all medical evaluations.

If a winner decides to drop out and doesn't transfer his ticket, will one of the next backup winners on the list be chosen instead? Yes. The next physically and medically qualified backup winner will be selected.

What kind of training will the winners receive?  The winners must participate in a forty-five day training period. They will be prepared for all aspects of space flight, including undergoing centrifuge training to accustom the winner to the expected launch and reentry G-Forces.

Is the winning raffle ticket transferable? Yes. If a winner chooses to give or sell the winning ticket to someone else, as long as that person is qualified, he or she can take the trip into space.

When will the first raffle winner be launched into orbit? The first launch will take place as soon as the launch hardware is ready and proven. Trans Lunar Research reserves the right to change launch dates and training schedules if required.

What will my travel accommodations be like? The manned Neptune 4000 launcher is similar to the Russian Soyuz in principle. The spacecraft pilots and passengers will ride to and from Earth orbit in a reentry capsule. The capsule is designed to a carry two pilots and four passengers. The capsule has a docking collar to allow it to dock with the Habitable Orbiter Stage (HOS) of the Neptune 4000 rocket. Once in orbit, the spacecraft pilot will detach, turn the capsule around, and dock with the orbiter  stage. HOS life-support systems will be activated, and the passengers will transfer to it through a tunnel. They will spend there orbital vacation inside the HOS. 

What exactly is the HOS? The Habitable Orbiter Stage is the second stage of the Neptune 4000 rocket. Both the orbiter stage and its attached manned reentry capsule enter Earth orbit at the same time. Instead of deorbiting the orbiter stage and letting it burn up in the atmosphere, the Neptune 4000 upper stage is designed to remain in orbit and be occupied. It has everything required to support four people while in orbit.  TLR's future plans include linking  several HOS's together to form a low-cost Orbital Hotel.

How do I return to Earth? The reentry capsule will be undocked from the HOS and after a de-orbit burn, will enter the atmosphere following a ballistic trajectory, heat shield forward, like the Soyuz, and land in the Pacific Ocean by parachute.

Will the Orbital Vacation be safe? Yes. The Neptune 4000 rocket has multiple redundant systems designed in. The reentry capsule is equipped with an escape tower for safety during the initial launch phase. If the launcher should fail, the escape tower is designed to carry the reentry capsule to a safe distance away. The reentry capsule is also equipped with individual ejection seats as a backup. If the reentry capsule parachutes should fail before landing, pilots and passengers can eject and land by personal parachute.

Can the winner engage in extra vehicular activity (EVA)? Yes. Special space suits are now under development (TLR Remora suits) that act as their own airlock.

The "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" is ongoing, that is, once a drawing is made, a new raffle will be started. Since the raffle is continuous, you can buy raffle tickets at any time. Your raffle tickets will be entered into the currently running Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle.

Raffle Tickets: For each "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle", 20,000 raffle tickets will be sold before the drawing is made. The price per raffle ticket is $50.00.

Buying raffle tickets: You can order the "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" tickets online or through the mail.

Grand PrizeA trip into Earth orbit. One grand prize winnersper drawing.

Odds: The odds for winning the "Trans Lunar Orbital Vacation Raffle" are 1 in 20,000. If you buy four raffle tickets, you have a 1 in 5000 chance of winning. These odds are far more favorable  than most state lotteries.

Drawing: According to California State regulations, each raffle ticket is sold with a detachable stub with both the ticket and its associated stub marked with a unique and matching identifier number. Once 20,000 raffle tickets are sold in the current raffle, a drawing will be made from among the detached raffle ticket stubs. 100 raffle ticket stubs will be drawn. This includes 98 backup winners. The backup winners still have a chance to win if one or both of the first two winners are disqualified for medical reasons and have not opted to transfer their  winning ticket. The winner has the option of transferring his or her ticket if he or she likes to a qualified friend, acquaintance, or family member.  The drawing will be made within 7 days after the required number of raffle tickets are sold. The time required to reach the sales goal for the raffle will vary.

Winners: After the drawing, the winning numbers for the completed raffle will be posted on this raffle announcement page and the grand prize winners and backup winners will be notified by telephone and by snail mail.  

New Raffle: Once the winners have been chosen for the current raffle, a new raffle will be started. Raffle ticket orders received after the target of 20,000 raffle tickets for the current raffle is reached will be automatically entered into the new raffle. If you buy a block of tickets, all of your tickets will be entered into one raffle and not split between two raffles in order to improve your odds.

Trans Lunar Research is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The Trans Lunar Raffle, a fundraising effort registered with the State of California,* gives you the opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation while at the same time receiving a chance to win a valuable prize!  Your donations will provide financial support for a  manned civilian lunar colonization effort.  At least ninety percent of the donations received  through the raffle by Trans Lunar Research, are paid out in the form of competitive grants and support. Eligible grant recipients include companies, individuals, and academic, science, and engineering organizations.

By supporting research specifically required to establish a Lunar Station through this grant program, TLR is reducing mankind's dependence on government funding for manned space exploration. The Trans Lunar Raffle allows the public to play a major role in funding manned space research and exploration.  If you enter the raffle and don't win, you still have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a donation to a worthy cause. 

*Trans Lunar Research is registered with the California Department of Justice under Raffle Registration Number 00009 and is authorized to conduct raffles in California pursuant to the provisions of Penal Code section 320.5.













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